History admin March 20, 2023


We have produced women’s shoes for over 50 years.  
We are a family business that over the years has passed on the passion for this work from father to son.
Over the years we have been faced with important choices that have led to great improvements in production.
Quality, as always, is the focal point for every business strategy adopted.

The businessman Mario Gozzoli founds 'Mamir Export' basing production on slippers and clogs



"Nuova Mamir" is born, adding sandals and hand-sewn items to the product range.

The sons Gianni and Roberto start working in the family business, contributing to its commercial development.



"Nuova Mamir" changes its name to "Mamir srl", becoming to all intents and purposes a trading company. The main activities on which the company's business is based are market research, expansion of the sales network and the creation of new prototypes.

To deal with the incessant increase in costs, the company delocalised its entire production to Romania, leaving only offices, modelling and prototyping in Italy.



To be even more competitive on the market, Mamir decides to transfer production from Romania to Albania.

ALIBI e-commerce is launched, dedicated to the sale of women's and men's footwear made entirely in Italy.



Several factors, such as the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and inflation, contribute to the transfer of part of production from Albania to Tunisia.